Film Production

We provide complete line production, coordination and management facilities to film crews across the nation. Our expertise have experience in making a rapport with the subjects, pinning down a location with proper releases and conduct a dig out interesting facets adding value to the films.

You can hire our company as your production counterpart or simply hire individual services of our production expertise. We will take care of all your requirements such as : Budgeting, Research, Location scout/Recce, permits, local travel & accommodation for film shooting/ filming anywhere in India in addition to arranging for the appropriate equipments with crew. We can help you film your documentary, TVC/ad films, corporate films, music videos, short films, webseries etc.

As we located in Delhi we specialise in liasoning and empanelled with government bodies like: Ministry Of External Affairs, NFDC, Archaelogical Survey Of India and many other government bodies. We are equipped with latest equipments and technologies.



Our gear is in cool condition, we have a range of cameras, lenses, lights, and a bunch of stuff you won’t you need till you see it. We have the flexibility to offer equipment rental services on any scale. We can provide exhaustive professional resources and advice through the rental process. Read more...



To film in an unknown environment is always stressful but, Neelam films provides complete line production, coordination, talent management, concept development, research and permissions,– we have the complete solutions. It helps in increasing the productivity and lowers the cost as well. Read more...



Bollywood is an amazing world of entertainment but the destiny of the film is highly depends on distributing the film to the right time or on the right platform. A distributor and film distribution is an important factor that gives the film a push. Read more...